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Looking for expert cycling coaching?

Image_2PBscience is an online service offering expert cycling coaching. As well as working with cyclists across all disciplines (road, mountain biking and track), PBscience can also help those athletes participating in triathlon and duathlon with their cycling training. If you like the sound of our coaching philosophy and are looking for cycle coaching with an emphasis on sport science principles, then working with PBscience is for you!

In addition to our cycle coaching services, PBscience also offers exercise testing at the Chelsea School labs in Eastbourne, as well as educational workshops and training camps. signupnow

"It is lovely to have the expertise of somebody with Helen's knowledge of cycling as well as her scientific background" "Professional advice like this is not only reserved for the elite it is for anyone who has a goal they want to achieve" "Helen has proven to be a good listener, providing excellent support through a period of injury" "Helen is really knowledgeable, enthusiastic and supportive" "I would recommend PBscience to any cyclist whatever level who has a desire to improve" "In my opinion, the best coach available. It’s that simple" "I’m motivated by working with Helen and what that means for my future riding"

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