The PBscience team recently contributed to the book Performance Cycling: the Science of Success, edited by Dr James Hopker and Dr Simon Jobson. Dan and Helen co-authored a chapter entitled Training with heart rate and power while Helen also contributed a chapter on Coach-athlete relationships. If you want to learn more about the PBscience coaching philosophy this is a good place to start.

Off-season base builder

Another plan that does exactly what it says on the tin! At PBscience we believe that building a solid foundation of basic endurance is the key to having a successful season on the bike. This plan is written to start on day one of your off-season training period. As such the plan will typically be preceded by 1-2 weeks of time off the bike, or unstructured cross-training. You can read the rationale behind this plan in the PBscience fact sheet series. Of particular interest should be:

The plan is based around 4 training blocks, each with a specific aim that builds progressively on the previous few weeks riding. The length of each block depends on the length of plan you purchase. Email Dan if you would like advice on how long to spend on base training.


The first block is dedicated to simply establishing a regular training routine with primarily easy riding. There is minimal progression in this first block, the idea is to finish week 3 ready to start increasing the load in the second block.

Basic endurance

The second block is entitled basic endurance. The aim is to increase your training volume and accumulating as much time in the upper half of training zone 2.

Quality endurance 1

Block 3 is dedicated to building endurance. Progression in this block (and the remainder of the plan) comes from beginning to incorporate blocks of riding in zone 3. The focus remains on accumulating steady riding but some extra intensity will help to increase you power at lactate threshold and futher develop your work capacity.

Quality endurance 2

We end with quality endurance 2. This is the most demanding block of the plan with a combination of volume and moderate intensity. The end of this block should see you with the condition to handle an event specific training plan.

The training plans

Our off-season base builder is for sale through the Training Peaks platform by following the links below. We have used Training Peaks for our coaching since 2008 and believe to offer the best and most user friendly software on the market. However, we understand that many athletes prefer to use other systems such as Strava, Garmin Connect or a traditional paper diary so please contact Dan if you would prefer to purchase a pdf copy of the plan. The only downside to Training Peaks for our European based customers is that transactions are in US dollars but with a favourable exchange rate at the moment we hope that is not too onerous! 

8 week off-season base builder ($39.99 or £25 for pdf)

12 week off-season base builder ($49.99 or £30) COMING SOON!

16 week off-season base builder ($59.99 or £35) COMING SOON!